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Rapid Microplastic Analysis

by Microparticle Radars


This is the web page of ERC Proof-of-Concept project Ramp-Up  funded by European Union through Project Number: 101113438

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Microplastics pollution is becoming increasingly problematic due to its involvement in a myriad of health problems and its effects on natural wildlife. Water agencies across the globe are progressively implementing screening policies for drinking water to address this issue. However, this is proving to be challenging since the existing monitoring technologies are labor intensive and time-consuming with low throughput. To address the issue, we propose a new flow-through sensor that builds upon technologies that were developed during our main ERC project.

Action Updates

  • A team of 6 engineers from various R&D Departments of Arcelik / Beko has visited our group to discuss about microplastic detection in various scenarios [11.3.2024]. 

  • Bilkent News Story for our microplastic detection work and the PoC project. 

  • Our project and results on microplastics are highlighted in media. 

Data management plan.png

Data Management Plan

All the data created within the project will be made accessible through the Zenodo Platform. 


The link for the data management plan version 1 can be accessed here


The link to the data sets will appear on this page as they are deposited. 

Data management plan.png
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