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Our group has three main research directions:


1) Nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) as biosensors.

2) Microwave sensors for sensing cells and viruses in microfluidics systems

3) Nanoscale Mechatronics including Nanomechanical Computation Mechanisms. 


NEMS: We create nanoscale electromechanical devices for fundamental studies and biomedical applications. These devices are called NEMS (Nanoelectromechanical Systems).  


We use micro/nanofabrication techniques to create very small mechanical structures - typical dimensions are:

- 5 microns in length

- 100nm by 100nm in cross section 


The mechanical resonance motion  of these structures

are typically in the VHF regime (30MHz-300MHz).


By designing low-noise electronic measurement systems, NEMS devices operate as excellent sensors.


In our previous studies, NEMS sensors were used to measure the mass of single molecules. With this technology, it is possible to study and characterize the structure of large biomolecules and biostructures, such as viruses. 


Current NEMS research in our lab focuses on

1) NEMS single-molecule biosensors

2) Nanomechanical computation

3) NEMS based artificial olfaction Tubitak 1003 Project (in Turkish).

4) Phase Noise in NEMS Tubitak 1001 Project (in Turkish)

Microwave Sensors: You can visit our ERC Grant webpage for more information. 



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