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A Radar for Cells

This web page is used to present the
research results originating from the
ERC project 758769:
Resonant Electromagnetic Microscopy:
Imaging Cells Electronically. 

Three-Dimensional Electrode Integration with Microwave Sensors for Precise Microparticle Detection in Microfluidics

Y. Ceren Alatas, Uzay Tefek, Berk Kucukoglu, Naz Bardakci,

Sayedus Salehin, M. Selim Hanay

IEEE Sensors, 2024, Early Access Link

(Arxiv link)

Dielectric Detection of Single Nanoparticles Using a Microwave Resonator Integrated with a Nanopore

Arda Secme, Berk Kucukoglu, Hadi S. Pisheh, Yagmur C. Alatas, Uzay Tefek, Hatice Dilara Uslu, Batuhan E. Kaynak, Hashim Alhmoud, M. Selim Hanay

ACS Omega, 2024, Accepted 10.1021/acsomega.3c07506

(open access)

Microwave Resonators Enhanced with 3D Liquid‑Metal Electrodes for Microparticle Sensing in Microfluidic Applications

Y. Ceren Alatas, Uzay Tefek, Burak Sari, M. Selim Hanay

IEEE Journal of Microwaves, 2024, Volume: 4, Issue: 1, 139-146.

Open Access

Permittivity-Based Microparticle Classification by the

Integration of Impedance Cytometry and Microwave Resonators

Uzay Tefek, Burak Sari, Hashim Z. Alhmoud, M. Selim Hanay
Advanced Materials , 2023,  35, 46, 2304072. 

Open Access

On-Chip Liquid and Gas Flow Rate Sensing via Membrane Deformation and Bistability Probed by Microwave Resonators

Arda Secme, Hadi Sedaghat Pisheh, Uzay Tefek, H. Dilara Uslu,

Berk Kucukoglu, Ceren Alatas, Mehmet Kelleci, M. Selim Hanay

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics,  2023, 27, 28.
Open-Access Repository Link

High Resolution Dielectric Characterization of Single Cells and 

Microparticles Using Integrated Microfluidic Microwave Sensors 

Arda Secme, Uzay Tefek, Burak Sari, Hadi Sedaghat Pisheh, H. Dilara Uslu, Ozge Akbulut, Berk Kucukoglu, R. Tufan Erdogan, Hashim Alhmoud, 

Ozgur Sahin, M. Selim Hanay

IEEE Sensors, 2023, 23,7, 6517-6529 

Open-Access Repository Link

Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry by Single-Mode Nanoelectromechanical Systems

Batuhan E, Kaynak, Mohammed Alkhaled, Enise Kartal, C Yanik,
M. Selim Hanay

Nano Letters, 2023, 23, 18, 8553–8559   

Open access

Leveraging the Elastic Deformability of Polydimethylsiloxane

Microfluidic Channels for Efficient Intracellular Delivery

H Alhmoud, M Alkhaled, BE Kaynak, MS Hanay

Lab on a Chip, 2023, 23, 714-726 . 

Open Access Repository Link

Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry of Single Viruses

and Nanoparticles by Nanoelectromechanical Systems

RT Erdogan, M Alkhaled, BE Kaynak, H Alhmoud, HS Pisheh, M Kelleci,

I Karakurt, C Yanik, ZB Sen,B Sari, AM Yagci, A Ozkul, MS Hanay

ACS Nano, 2022, 16, 3, 3821–3833

Open-Access Repository Link  

Patent and Patent Applications

Observation of flow-induced instability of a nano-membrane and its use for on-chip fluid and air flow rate sensing

MS Hanay, A Secme, HS Pisheh, HDU Uslu, M Kelleci

US Patent 11,821,768

Method and device for identifing the material type of particles in liquid

MS Hanay, U Tefek

US Patent App. 18/337,451

The results of the ERC project are being applied to develop a rapid analysis system for microplastics pollution, as an ERC Proof-of-Concept Project. 

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