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Hanay Research Group

We create and use: 

  •  Nanomechanical Sensors,

  •  Nonlinear Systems, and

  •  Microwave Sensors integrated with Microfluidics 

    for studies in novel dynamics, and applications in life and environmental sciences.

Our publications

NEMS MEMS Buckle Nanoelectromechanical Systems


Nanoelectromechanical Systems 

NEMS technology offers very small and sensitive devices.


We design, fabricate and use NEMS devices for sensing single molecules and nanoparticles.  

We also use NEMS to study bistability and nonlinear effects at the nanoscale.

Cell Radar


Microwave Sensors (MIMS)

We are funded by an ERC Starting Grant to develop a Radar for Cells. 

By using microwave sensors, we aim to detect and characterize human cells in a microfluidics channel. 

Radar for Cells "Microwave Sensor" Single-Cell


Video Link

If you want to learn more about our research, here is a link to a recent video which highlights our research. 

Alternatively, you can check the publications section, or look at the research pages. 

Our labs

are equipped for nanomechanical and microwave sensor research. We also have a small biology workspace.

Our group is also a member of UNAM, National Nanotech. Research Center. 


We are supported by national and EU funds for which we are grateful. 


  • ERC Starting Grant

  • Marie Skłodowska Curie CIG

  • Tübitak (Turkish NSF), EEEAG

  • Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA)

  • The Science Academy, Turkey (Bilim Akademisi)

"Our true mentor in life is Science."

                               Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


We are always on the outlook for excellent graduate students and postdocs. 

Exceptional undergrads are welcome to conduct research with us, as well. 

Bilkent EA 126, x3435

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